Expert Contributions for a Better Ranking

One of the easiest ways to boost your visibility online is to add content (new or rehashed) in the form of a short article or news bite. As a member of Tutors4You you can do this to improve your site ranking. Read on for a full list of benefits and FAQs.

What Are the Benefits of Adding Content to My Profile?

  • Better ranking
    Improve your ranking on the Tutors4You site by adding useful content for visitors.
  • Trusted professional
    Offering good expert advice and useful content presents you as an expert who can be relied on.
  • Increase bookings
    People are more likely to book with professionals they like and trust.
  • Social media exposure
    Tutors4You will promote your content via social media to further improve your exposure. 
  • Backlinks
    Include backlinks to your Tutors4You listing to drive new customers your way.



Simple Guidelines for Expert Contributions

  • No promotional copy
    We do not accept content that is blatantly promotional.
  • Educational, interesting and entertaining
    All ‘Expert Contributions’ must include good expert advice, useful content or interesting information that presents you as a trusted professional and is relevant to our site. Do not present content that is self-serving only.
  • Own it
    All content submitted must be owned by you; either written by you or on your behalf. Stealing content from another person’s site using ‘copy + paste’ functions is illegal… and bad karma… which we definitely don’t want for you.
  • Word count
    Contributions can be any length. Remember people’s attention span is shorter on the web, so less is often more.
  • On topic
    Include content that is relevant to the site and your area of expertise.
  • Image
    Please submit one or more images that reflect your choice of content. Medium resolution, 800 x 600 pixels, preferably around 500kb.
  • Youtube video
    You can add video to your content if relevant and interesting. We accept content on vimeo as well.
  • Keep it clean
    We will not publish profanity or derogatory sentiments. Also, please spell check your content before submitting and check your grammar.
  • Structure
    Use headings, bullet points and white space liberally instead of just large chunks of text. See our templates for examples of how to structure your content.
  • New and unique content
    We accept fresh content from you that has not been published anywhere in the past.
  • Old and used content
    We accept copy that you have already published on your site or elsewhere.
  • Other
    Read our terms and conditions in detail here.


Submitting Your Expert Contributions

Please send your completed Expert Contribution through the Contact Form (click here).


Date Update: 05-08-2022 9:28 am