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Advanced Learning Centre Advanced Learning Centre Featured - Silver
Creative Writing, Kooringal 2650
Advanced Learning Centre’s dedicated team of educators are led by Rachael, a highly qualified and accredited educator (BEd, MEd (Dist)) with over twenty-three years classroom experience in primary, secondary and tertiary contexts. Rachael has worked in both government and non-government schools, in addition to universities, holding many executive positions and being awarded for teaching excellence. Having the right tutor makes all the difference in the world. Advanced Learning Centre’s dedicated ...
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Leap into Literacy Leap into Literacy Featured - Silver
Writing, Drummoyne 2047
Are you looking for a unique and fun way to extend your child’s reading and writing skills? Leap into Literacy can help! Our tutoring centres are located in Drummoyne and Balmain and we also offer classes in Annandale, Birchgrove and Chatswood. Created by Allison Greenland, whose PhD dissertation focused on using technology as a motivation factor and reading comprehension skills in younger students, Leap into Literacy was developed to provide small classes for children with a focus on reading ...
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General Maths, Homebush 2140
Seriously Addictive Mathematics (SAM) is a maths program based on Singapore’s Mathematics curriculum and has ranked highest in terms of standards since 1995, according to the TIMSS survey (TIMSS 2012 – Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study). The SAM model assists students to understand concepts through a Holistic Multisensory Learning Approach. Trainers engage with students by stimulating their senses and introduce concepts through various props, games and interaction in an ...
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Davies Music School Davies Music School Featured - Silver
Guitar, Hoppers Crossing 3029
We are a music school that offers quality music lessons for affordable prices. We teach piano/keyboard, guitar, drums, violin and cello and vocals. The great difference with our company is that most teachers can travel to your home and teach you in the comfort of your home. They all have high qualifications and working with children checks. Most have had experience teaching children and adults. Our music school has over 300 students and growing fast. We also provide opportunities to perform at ...
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