Business FAQ’s - Premium Leads

  1. What are Premium Leads

    Premium Leads are a request for a service or a request to make a booking from Visitors to our Website. These Visitors will have answered several questions to provide the details about what type of services they are looking for, and in what location. These very specific requests provide great quality leads to obtain new customers and increase revenue for your business.

  2. How does the process work?

    The process works as follows:

    1. Businesses add their details and contact information to the website
    2. Website visitors request a service
    3. Businesses get notified of the requests (leads)
    4. Businesses access the lead contact information
    5. Businesses contact the visitor and provide quotes and other additional information to convert them to a customer
    6. Visitor makes their choice and selects a business

    Click here for more information on how the Premium Lead program works.

  3. How do I get started?

    Set up an account to list your business.

    You will then start receiving Premium Leads if they are relevant to your location and the categories you have selected.

    If you already have an account, you may already be receiving Premium Leads.

    To access the contact information of Premium Leads you will need to upgrade to a Featured Listing. Featured Listings receive a number of Premium Leads per month as part of their Featured Listing Package

    Click here to sign up to a Featured Listing.

    Click here to see the benefits of a Featured Listing.

    Click here to read our FAQ's for Featured Listings.

  4. What are the benefits of Premium Leads?

    • More qualified leads
    • Qualified leads are sent directly to your email address
    • You get the leads full contact details, not just a click to your website
    • You decide which leads to contact
    • Minimal effort required
    • High return on investment
  5. What information do I receive before I decide to access the contact information?

    You will receive a visitor's answers to a series of question relevant to your category and location Once you have reviewed these you can decide whether to access the lead contact information . See examples here.

  6. How many businesses will receive lead contact information?

    This depends on how many businesses have chosen to access the lead contact information. In some cases, you may be the only business that receives access to the lead contact information.

  7. How many leads will I receive?

    The number of leads you will receive will depend on numerous variables including the demand from visitors to the website, along with the number of categories and locations your business is listed in on the wesbsite. are listed.

  8. How do I get more leads?

    You can get more leads by adding your business to more categories and locations on the website.

    Adding more categories is free but please ensure you deliver these services, or you will receive leads that are not on topic for your business.

    You can add more locations by upgrading to a Featured Listing.

  9. How do I convert more leads into customers?

    To increase the chances of being selected

    1. Contact the lead immediately you receive their contact information
    2. Give them a brief overview of your business and experience
    3. Provide a quality and competitive quote
    4. Be professional
    5. Be responsive
    6. Create a comprehensive profile on Tutors4You
    7. Get reviews - generally the more reviews the higher the chance of getting hired – ensure you ask all your clients to review your services on Tutors4You
    8. Don't give up, try different approaches and learn what works for you
  10. How do I stop receiving leads?

    There is a setting in your member's area where you can choose not to receive any leads. You can turn this on and off as required.

Date Update: 22-03-2022 6:41 pm